Apeksha is a free English education programme which has been in operation since 1999 under the auspices of the Milinda Moragoda Institute for People’s Empowerment (MMIPE). It is targeted at children from low-income families in the Colombo South area. Classes are held on weekdays in the afternoon after school hours, and on Saturdays, after school hours in permanent locations such as community centre halls and Buddhist temple premises.

The teaching curriculum is focused on developing fluency in the English language, thereby building up the confidence of its students. The teaching curriculum covers areas included in the English school examinations, grammar and speech. A special effort is made to develop the students’ fluency in English through plays and drama to build up their confidence. There are approximately 700 students currently enrolled under the Apeksha programme and in view of its popularity, appeals have been made for its expansion. ‘Apeksha’ expects to extend its reach and widen its access to accommodate more children from lesser privileged families.

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